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Dear visitors, welcome to the site (com)

To the buyer: we can offer you a wide range of road-building machinery and equipment necessary for construction, as well as original and analogy spare parts, consumables, tires, oils, and the whole range of equipment maintenance, from diagnostics at the facility to repair at our repair zone.

To the manufacturer and supplier of machinery, equipment, spare parts, consumables: our platform will help you to reach quickly your potential customers, to present effectively your product to the client, to arrange the sale and delivery of goods to the addressee in a simple way.

Purpose: The largest online trading and service platform in the world for spare parts, road-building equipment and consumable products

Mission: Fast and efficient deal "Supplier-Buyer" in the field of road-building equipment. Balanced supply of customers with the best examples of road-building equipment, spare parts and consumables. Quick search for goods and their suppliers in the world's widest list of manufacturers.

History: The platform is an innovative «online» continuation of the company «Machinery Parts», which has been working in the supply of road-building machinery, spare parts and services for decades and has vast experience in working with clients. The company tried to convey all the best and most technologically advanced from its experience in order to maximize the connection between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Key advantages of the site:

  • A wide range of manufacturers of spare parts and equipment. (more than 150)
  • Maximum audience coverage in the field of road construction equipment (over 100,000)
  • Ergonomic website, quick search, electronic catalogs for independent work.
  • The largest selection of spare parts (over 200,000)
  • Technological site, mobile version
  • Efficiency in work, quality service
  • Leaders in sales and service among dealers in the Russian Federation
  • Extensive staff experience, regular education and training
  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Complex supply of customers (machinery, equipment, spare and consumables, fuels and lubricants, service)

Why is it profitable to work with our site?

For suppliers:

  1. The highest traffic of the site by potential customers, wide geographical coverage.
  2. The beginning of sales growth without much investment.
  3. The best tools for working on the site.
  4. Prompt and flexible organisation of supply logistics (including aircraft delivery).
  5. Effective brand advertising.
  6. Focus of customer attention on the potentials of machinery and services.
  7. An experienced team working for many years in the field of road construction equipment.
  8. The ability to provide service for warranty obligations to the customer on your product.
  9. The presence of storage facilities, loading and unloading, service vehicles.

For buyers:

  1. A wide range of products and manufacturers.
  2. Electronic catalogs from manufacturers, convenient search and ordering.
  3. Providing a selection of spare parts analogues.
  4. Search for the best price-quality product on the market in one place.
  5. The possibility of independent work with the site, including the full cycle of the transaction.
  6. Prompt processing of your requests within one day, with the provision of a rationally selected complex and conditions in the commercial offer.
  7. A guarantee of the relevance of the delivery terms in our offer, indicating the actual terms of performance.
  8. Prompt response, information and control of possible changes in conditions when signing and during the delivery of goods and services.
  9. Connection of all the company's resources to resolve force majeure.
  10. Emphasizing the client’s attention on the potentials of machinery and services, warning about possible risks from the human factor of the client’s staff.
  11. Fast logistics. Our company regularly uses air delivery to anywhere in the country, so that customers receive the necessary parts and services as soon as possible.
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